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Analytics for the sustainable business

In an age where companies across industries are placing increasing emphasis on sustainability and climate change, leaders are looking for more and better information to guide their decisions on sustainability-related issues and initiatives. Already, many companies are gathering increasing amounts of sustainability-related data across their operations, ranging from measurements of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to logs of their employees’ travel miles to records of their facilities’ energy consumption patterns. We believe that the next logical step is for organizations to implement business intelligence and data analytics capabilities that can help turn raw sustainability data into actionable business insights. Through analytics, leaders can obtain the fact-based guidance they need to make informed decisions about how their organizations approach sustainability and climate change issues.

By applying analytics to reliable sustainability data, leaders may be able to more effectively:

  • Identify which of their sustainability decisions, actions, • and investments are actually achieving their intended goals
  • Detect signals of sustainability-related risk or opportunity • early, even when those signals are faint or hidden in exploding volumes of data
  • Determine the possible outcomes associated with • different courses of action
  • Allocate resources to efforts that have the greatest • likelihood of satisfactory returns
  • Understand the interplay of economic, social, and • environmental factors associated with the entire value chain of a company’s products and services
  • Take into account the perspectives, behaviors, and needs • of multiple stakeholders, recognizing the dynamic nature of stakeholder expectations and appreciating the nature, implications, and impacts of changes


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