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Doing business in Africa and mitigating risk

Experience has shown that risk and reward are inter-related and businesses cannot maximise reward (Shareholder Value) without taking a calculated risk. The art and science of calculating risk is the challenge faced by executives on a daily basis. An in-depth, informed risk analysis is critical to achieve shareholder value.

The African continent is perceived to be world’s greatest opportunity for corporate expansion. However, lack of proper risk analysis has meant many organisations have been unable to maximise shareholder value and have either under-achieved or failed in their African expansion endeavours.

The Africa Risk Map provides a unique view on the pervasive and interconnected nature of risk, giving executives a useful tool to identify the specific risks pertaining to their organisation when operating in Africa.

Overall, the Africa Risk Map helps you focus on the right things and serves as a graphic reminder of what you are doing and why. Don’t risk growing your business in Africa without customising the Map, based on risks that impact your specific organisation. Areas could include regulatory, geographic industry and company-specific issues.

Download the Deloitte Africa footprint and Africa Risk Map

Visit the Deloitte Into Africa web page

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One Response

  1. Antoinette Valsamakis says:

    I would very much like to be bale to read the Africa Risk Map but the pdf format that opens is too small to be legible. Could you tell me either how to access it in a more readable format or possibly send to me in a larger pdf?

    many thanks,
    Antoinette Valsamakis

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