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Deloitte Tech Trends 2011 – The end of “The Death of ERP”

The end of the “Death of ERP” is the fourth of 10 articles I am publishing from the Deloitte Tech Trends 2011 series

Every few years we see headlines with proclamations of ERP’s imminent demise. Similar to the long-rumoured “death of COBOL,” the noise could continue for decades. Part of the problem starts with the name ERP itself. In the current world, the more proper description is probably Enterprise Applications. Enterprise resource planning harkens to a time when integrated financials and payroll were first being linked to production planning and inventory controls. Over the years, however, the impact of enterprise application players like SAP and Oracle has grown substantially, well beyond automating core back-office processes. This growth was achieved first by tackling the front-office functions like customer service, sales and procurement; then by adding workflow and reporting; and finally by refactoring platforms for better integration. Throughout this evolution, the underlying problem has remained the same: allowing large, complicated organizations to profit from standardized business processes and standardized data.

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