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Constant disruption in the mobility world can add up to big opportunity, if you play it right

Constant disruption in the mobility world can add up to big opportunity—if you play it right. Here’s how to stay focused by taking a truly enterprise approach from day one.

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Mobility – Finding advantage in disruption

We’ve seen this before. A major new technology disruption hits the business world and a mad dash for quick value ensues. Early movers can find themselves knee-deep in unforeseen complexity—requiring a “redo” just in time for the world to settle down and the game to move to higher-order opportunities. Mobility is another one of those disruptive forces.

Mobility’s potential is worth the excitement. There are serious efficiency gains to be gleaned from both the untethered workforce and new modes of interacting with customers. Mobility-enabled innovation at the operating and business model level can also deliver advanced services and information at the point of business impact.

And that’s just the start. It can make a lot of sense for companies to look for ways to take advantage of the chaos. But they’ll have to do it with an informed strategy that side-steps avoidable traps. Otherwise, they may stumble out of the gates just like nearly everyone did when client-server first hit, or the Internet. Mobility can offer an opportunity to change the conversation—to potentially deliver rapid value capture that’s enterprise-ready and forward-looking from the outset.

Now that’s disruption!

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