Support “Project Rhino.”

Lee Swan’s rhino being auctioned at The Michelangelo on the 15th March at 19h00 to raise money for the Wildlands Conservation Trust’s “Project Rhino”

To raise money for the Wildlands Conservation Trust’s Project Rhino, Wildlands has started a Rhino Parade, which includes a series of one-of-a-kind life-size rhino statues which are decorated by a variety of well-known South African personalities. Lee Swan, who is the first woman from South Africa to have reached the Magnetic North Pole (following a race on foot over 820km of frozen Arctic ocean from the Canadian High Arctic to the Pole), is participating in the Wildlands Rhino Parade, and is looking for potential bidders for her Rhino (which depicts her journey to the Pole). The bidding for the rhino starts at R30 000 and we are extending invitations to all South Africa companies to participate. Lee Swan has agreed to present the story of her journey to the pole at the unveiling of the rhino, for the company that purchases the rhino.

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