Social media and mobile devices are raising the bar on HR service delivery

Restore the personal touch with employees by integrating social media and mobile with HR service delivery

Change is happening. Again. As social media and mobile devices quickly become essential parts of our daily lives, they are starting to influence how HR services are delivered and the direction HR transformation efforts take. Beyond just being the next new thing, integrating social media and mobile devices with HR service delivery can provide a real opportunity to restore some of the personal touch that was lost in previous pushes for improved HR efficiency.

Traditionally, HR service delivery has been based on structured and specialized interactions between the services HR provides and its customers (e.g., employees, managers, recruits). Typical scenarios might involve an employee who updates benefit options through an online a self-service system or who contacts an HR call center with specific questions about benefits.

Now, HR has an opportunity to use social media tools to create communities for sharing knowledge — and to support employees through direct, yet informal communication. Additionally, mobile devices can provide convenient, on-demand access to this knowledge and experience from almost anywhere in the world. Instead of contacting a call center, for example, an employee with benefits questions could use a smartphone to view and participate in a discussion thread where specialists and other community members share their own knowledge, opinions and questions.

The introduction of social and mobile technologies is not only expanding HR’s service delivery options, it is also increasing HR’s value to the business. Although social and mobile technologies will not entirely replace traditional HR channels, social and mobile tools are easing the burden while providing customers with a richer experience that is more engaging — and often more convenient.

What’s driving this trend?

Social media and mobile devices are effective tools that can help improve HR’s service and responsiveness.

  • Breakthrough technologies. Mobile devices and social media are revolutionizing the way people interact, making it easy to communicate and share knowledge without regard to time, geographic location, or organizational boundaries.
  • Business acceptance. Mobile devices and social media have become standard business tools. According to a recent study, less than 15 percent of business executives still view social media in business as a fad.i
  • Rising expectations. In their personal lives, many people have already come to expect the rich, engaging experiences that mobile devices and social media can deliver. Now, they are looking for the same thing from their interactions with current and potential employers. A recent article on featured a how to guide on using social media to land a job.ii

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