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How to use advanced analytics to manage talent and risk

Given the importance of talent and people, it’s time to move beyond instinct, gut and tribal wisdom in making workforce decisions.

If you’re not using workforce data and analytics to drive your talent decisions, you may be behind the curve — and at risk of losing your competitive edge. As HR works with leaders on the front lines, analytics is becoming critical in making more effective decisions related to workforce planning and recruitment, risk management, compensation, development programs and deploying critical talent.

Workforce analytics involves using statistical models that integrate internal and external data to predict future workforce and talent-related behavior and events. These models can help organisations focus limited resources on critical talent decisions. For example, models have been demonstrated to predict the likelihood that a particular employee will leave in the next six months — and can provide likely reasons for the prediction.

Read the Deloitte paper . . . . How to use advanced analytics to manage talent and risk

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3 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Great advice! Really interesting and powerful results when analytics are applied to solve complex strategic talent challenges.

  2. Ed Wick says:

    Thank you – I found the informatoin on managing change and the analytics of big data very interesting. NOTE: The link does not work for “We welcome (?) to visit the ‘Deloitte Data Analytics website’ to learn more and to meet our people.” This link is located near the bottom of the page at

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